Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a...

We were so excited to find out this week that Harmony is going to have a little sister!  We ultimately are just praying for a healthy baby and don't care at all what we are having but it being a girl will make things so much easier on us.  We already have everything!  It is going to be so much fun seeing these two little sisters and the special bond they will share being so close in age.  They will never know life without each other.  These little Irish twins are going to keep us on our toes but we can't wait! 

Sometimes I think I'm still in shock this is even happening.  I feel so blessed to be the mother of beautiful Harmony and this baby on the way.  God definitely has a special plan for our family and it is amazing to watch it unfold.  This past week I was remembering where we were one year ago.  We had recently found out that our last infertility treatment was unsuccessful and we were at the end of our rope with trying to get pregnant.  God had already been opening our hearts to adoption and within a few short weeks we felt so strongly convicted in this area we began the adoption process.  It was a time off sorrow as we were closing the chapter in our lives of trying to have biological children.  But at the same time it was such a joyful and refreshing time as we were finally pursuing a route that would eventually make us parents.  Now, a year later, I am in awe of how God has blessed us.  I never would have guessed that in August of 2012, we would already have a 5 month old daughter and another baby on the way.  God is so good!  And I am so grateful that we listened to God's prodding.  If we had not, the charming and lovable girl we call Harmony would not be a part of our family.  This makes me so thankful!  I'm officially halfway through this pregnancy and already getting anxious to meet our sweet baby girl. :)     


Couldn't be happier!

Sucking on her hand :)