Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Month Update

I sit here holding little miss Harmony and can't believe how fast the past weeks have flown by.  So before too much time passes I wanted to document her first month and everything it held for us.  What an amazing time it has been as we've adjusted to being parents.  Not to say it's all been easy, but I can honestly say I've enjoyed it all.  Sometimes I just look at Harmony and still can't believe she is ours and a part of our family.

One Month Old!

Our little Easter bunny :)

Colorado Baby Shower with church/adoption friends and mom.

First Airplane Ride

Baby Shower in Idaho

During Harmony's first month she met all of her Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins.  Everyone was so excited to meet her!  Karl's parents were able to come for a very quick visit right after Harmony was born so they could meet her before going back to Africa for the summer.  We are so grateful they got to see her in person before leaving.  Then we had my mom come visit and spend some time getting to know her grandaughter.  My wonderful Colorado girlfriends put on an amazing shower for me and Harmony and my mom was even able to come to it.  Such a beautiful day with sunflowers, bright colors and all my favorite Colorado people. :)

When Harmony was 3 weeks old we braved flying with an infant and went home to Idaho to introduce her to all of our family.  She was such a trooper and rocked all of the flights!  It was such a special time for us as a family of 3 to be with our families who were so excited to meet our new daughter.  My sister and family in Idaho put on a beautiful shower for us while we were home.  The day was very special and so much work was put into celebrating us.  It is so clear that we are dearly loved! 

I know my blog posts are few and far between right now but just know we are busy loving on and bonding with little Harmony.  We have waited so long for this and are soaking up every moment!