Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Adoption Route

Now that we've chosen adoption we will fill you in on the route of adoption we are taking.  Because the infant stage has always been very important to me we have been drawn to the domestic infant program.  After doing much research into agencies in our area we decided to go with a local agency in Castle Rock called Hope's Promise.

So far we have submitted our initial application with basic information and our statement of faith because it is a Christian agency.  Even though it didn't come as a shock, we were excited to get the acceptance letter!  The next step was signing our contract and them handing over to us a HUGE binder of paper and tasks to be completed.  Currently we are in the process of lots of writing, paper chasing and waiting on government departments for fingerprinting, background checks, etc.  After all of this is completed and turned in to the agency our home study will begin.  This includes 3 visits with a social worker interviewing us on our past, current life and goals for our future.  Once the home study is complete we are approved to be included in the waiting pool.  We will also be creating a scrapbook profile of who we are and what our family looks like.  Once we are in the waiting pool, our profile will be shown to birth mothers that fit the criteria of what we both are looking for.  There is no first come-first serve list.  The mother chooses the parents from the scrapbooks. The advantage to this is that it can happen very quickly which would be awesome!

We are hoping to be in the waiting pool by the first of the year.  We know many things can change and God's timing is not always ours but this is our hope.  This past week we have started praying for our baby and the birth mother of our child and ask you to join us.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Adventure Begins!

As some of you may already know, Karl and I have desired to add children to our family for quite some time.  During the past couple years we have travelled down a road at times filled with heartache and confusion.  We have spent time exploring and researching fertility treatments and have made the decision to close that door for the time being.  Throughout this whole journey we have continually prayed that God would show us His will for growing our family.  And while we were feeling scared and apprehensive about getting involved in further fertility treatments, God began softening our hearts to the idea of adoption.  At this point neither of us have any known problems to prohibit us from getting pregnant.  We couldn't help but wonder if the reason we haven't gotten pregnant over the past couple years is because God had something else in mind for us...adoption.  After spending much time in prayer, we feel like this is not Plan B for us but that this is what we were always supposed to pursue.  This is our plan A.  God has given us an excitement and peace that we know can only come from Him.  This doesn't mean we will never have biological children but at this point we know there is a miracle out there for us through adoption. 

Our adoption announcement is made with great joy and excitement but will require lots of work.  We know we cannot accomplish this alone and pray that God will give us patience and in the end, success!  The purpose of this blog is to share our journey with you and to update you with our progress and prayer requests.  Thank you all in advance for your support!

With Open Arms,
Karl and Amy