Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Roller Coaster Week

This past week proved to be the most intense emotional roller coaster we have been on since starting our adoption journey.  I won't go too in depth with details as to protect the privacy of everyone involved.  Last Thursday we received a call from our agency letting us know that a birth family was looking for a family to place their sweet, 3 month old baby girl with.  Our initial impression was that the family was very interested in Karl and I, and if the interview went great, the whole process would happen quickly and we would become parents very soon.  You can imagine the excitement we felt at this news!  We were so excited about the possiblity but remained cautious as to protect our emotions.  As the hours passed by and we started gaining more information on the situation, we knew it was a very tentative situation.  The family interviewed us as well as two other wonderful families from our agency.   After the interview we felt fairly certain we would not be chosen to parent this precious little baby.  And our feelings were confirmed when the agency let us know the family would not be choosing any of the families interviewed that day.  We knew this journey wouldn't be easy but what we experienced last week verified that! 

However, through the ups and downs of this week we are reminded and feel very assured that God is in control and has already written the story of our baby's life.  While we had our moments of excitement and sadness, we continue to trust that He has our best interests in mind and will delivery our baby to us in His perfect timing.  This has been a learning experience and has also reminded us of several things we are so grateful for.  First, we have felt pretty nervous about the time when we do actually meet the birth mother who has chosen us, and after going through this interview we feel very equipped for when that time comes.  Secondly, we always knew our agency was awesome but everyone (especially our caseworker Rachel) was so encouraging and supportive in helping us through those couple of days with phone calls, texts and e-mails.  Finally, we are very grateful for our family, friends (and adopting friends) who have been so supportive in talking, crying and laughing with us this past week.  We feel a great sense of peace about where we're at and just continue to pray and wait!